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Christmas is getting close!

When I got up this morning I realized that November 1st is only two days away......I was in total shock!  November is Thanksgiving (and my birthday month) and means we are really close to Christmas!    What??!!!    Only 55 days til Christmas (I counted).....and started doing the math.  If you work (most of us do) you likely work 5 days a week...that leaves you weekends to shop ( or evenings if you aren't fully occupied with meal prep/kids/homework etc) 55 days minus 38 work days (appx) leaves 17 days to take care of the Christmas shopping.   There are 7 weekends left (that's 14 days) I refuse to shop on Sunday so, for me at least, that leaves  7 shopping days.  Stone Angel will be open on the infamous Black Friday and also that I have stuff going on a couple of those weekends too. may notice here how I started out using "you" but it is now "I"...this got personal for me real fast!  So 7 minus 3 is 4.......I have four days left to get it all done before Christmas.   YIKES!   OK I have to stop writing now....time to shop!

--The Stone Angel--                   Sharon Oringderff Smith


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