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My Very First Blog--Ever! Posted April 3,2015

     Easter has always been my favorite holiday, and so it's perfect that Stone Angel's website is officially launched this Easter weekend.  This couldn't have happened without some long hours and serious dedication.  I didn't do this all on my own and have a number of people I want to thank.  I am always grateful for the loving support of my family. Sister, Carol and mom Barbara both love my jewelry and frequently wear "Stone Angel".  My husband Ran is very supportive of my newest venture, but steadfastly refuses to wear the jewelry :). My office staff at New West Travel deserve a special thank you as they never intended to be in the jewelry business--they are troopers!  .....and now for the serious "thank you" list.

First, huge thanks to my friend Darcy Schneider who set up Stone Angels Facebook page, worked the very first show with me (in the heat), came back and did another one in even worse heat, and is responsible for filming my welcome video on this site.  Next on the list is Deb Doll who has been my friend since high school.  She worked the first big show with me--Kansas City Holiday Boutique in November--4 long days of show plus drive time, setup and tear down.  Without her I would not be writing this because I would be dead from that one!  Deb is the most organized person I know, and she makes everything seem easy.  When I started taking the photographs for this site I realized I was in over my head--way over. I texted Deb with some of my photo/tech issues and she showed up later that afternoon and we shot until 10pm.  I'm now pretty good at it, but the majority of pics on the site as I write this were taken by Deb. Beverly Glass has been a wealth of marketing knowledge and assistance, plus she wears "Stone Angel" beautifully.  Erin Bergen appeared in the shop as if by "magic" at exactly the right time.  She has spent long hours doing pretty much anything that needs to be done. Also extremely well organized (how did I get so lucky?), Erin has a great eye for color and can spot a damaged stone from across the room.  She and I did all of these initial listings on the site which entailed some seriously long hours, a steep learning curve (OK steeper for me than for Erin), and numerous tech issues. Erin is the only person in the world who both understands and appreciates my "jewelry humor". She is a wonderful and dear friend.  And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank my website guru, Jack Corn.  We were already friends, but when he saved me from making a very serious website error I knew he was the right person for the job.  Jack has the expertise and experience which have made this website turn out great.  He speaks "tech" (I don't), knows the answers to my questions, and is patient when he has to explain something to me more than once.  Jack has alternately pushed and pulled Stone Angel (and me) into the 21st century.  I treasure both his vast knowledge and friendship.  If you are considering a website I highly recommend his services.

    Thanks also to the lovely angel who has watched over Stone Angel from the very start.  May all who touch this jewelry, from the dedicated people who craft it to those who end up wearing it, be blessed.

             Happy Easter 2015!


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